Episode 63: Interview with Jordan Rannells

This month, Jude and Stef interview composer and sound engineer Jordan Rannells about his Tolkien soundscapes. He has already published “A Long-Expected Soundscape” that is comprised of over 60 hours of music and 3D sound design to accompany Andy Serkis’ audiobook narration of The Lord of the Rings. Jordan’s newest project, “An Unexpected Soundscape & A Soundscape of Eä” is currently kickstarting, so make sure to back it before October 13! Thank you, Jordan, for joining us!
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Thank you to Jordan Rannells for joining us!

Jordan’s website: https://jordanrannells.com/


An Unexpected Soundscape & A Soundscape of Eä

Kickstarer link: http://kck.st/46khBIp

Ends in the morning on Friday, October 13!

Athrabeth listeners can use promo code LOTR25 to get 25% off the entire collection of A Long Expected Soundscape on Jordan’s webshop: https://jordanrannells.com/shop

Join Jordan’s Discord: https://discord.gg/kWqw8SXtj

Jordan’s Social Media:

YouTube: @alongexpectedsoundscape514

Instagram: @jordanellisrannells

Twitter: @LOTRSoundscape

Jordan's Music of Middle-earth podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-music-of-middle-earth/id1498646998

A Long-Expected Soundscape Full Sample on YouTube:


Sample tracks heard in today’s episode:

Sample 1: Treebeard

Sample 2: Black Gate

Sample 3: Sam finds Frodo

(All used with permission from the artist)

Folks Jordan mentioned:

Victor Wooten (Bassist and music educator): https://www.victorwooten.com/, @VictorWooten 

Bret Devereaux (Military historian): https://acoup.blog/, @BretDevereaux

Thank you again, Jordan! 

Episode 63: Interview with Jordan Rannells
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